Our hotel now has interactive tablets from KEYPR in every room. The tablets are customized to the hotel and may be used to order and schedule services, room service, view hotel and nearby information and see any special promotions that may be offered, without having to use your room phone.

The tablets are very easy to use, from the home screen select the icon for the app you would like to use, such as “Services” to order more towels or have your room cleaned. There are several other apps such as “Dining” for room service (if offered), “Events” which shows any meetings or local events happening during your stay, “Nearby” which will display nearby restaurants and services and “Info” which shows important hotel information.

The tablets charge wirelessly, after using the tablet place it back in the accompanying charging cradle so it will be ready for use. When in the cradle, the tablet’s display will dim automatically at night so as not to disturb sleep, and display the clock feature.


Our hotel has a mobile app for iOS that will allow you to manage your stay with us. You may order services remotely, see nearby restaurants and service and in select rooms use your phone as a Digital Key.

If you would like to use our app, we can send an invitation to your email with a link to download the app and an exclusive invitation code that will automatically import your reservation into the app. Please register, enter the invitation code and everything will be automatically set up for you.

If you stay with us again, the app will automatically import reservations for you ahead of time, inform you when your room is ready for check-in and more.

To use the app as a room key, ensure you have Bluetooth enabled on your phone, select the “KEY” tab, the select the Key icon to open your door

In-Room Tablet Features

Order and schedule hotel services directly from your Vive In-Touch tablet, no need to pick up the phone

• Order Room Service easily from Waikiki to Go
• See local Events at the hotel & around the neighborhood
• Convenient map of restaurants, attractions and businesses in the area
• Hotel Directory of information at your fingertips
• Convenient Clock/Alarm & International Radio
• Receive important messages and offers from hotel staff
• Download your Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go to the tablet
• Read NY Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, LA Times, CNN, Local Newspaper and more
• GAMING media is already downloaded to your tablet for your enjoyment
• iHeart Radio, Radio FM, TuneIn

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this service free?
A. Yes

Q. What can I do with the Guest App?
A. You may check-in to room remotely, in select rooms use your mobile device as a room key, order services such as room cleaning when away from the hotel, receive messages from the hotel regarding those services, see nearby business and restaurants and more.

Q. What can I do with the tablet?
A. You may use the tablet to order services, such as room cleaning or towels, order room service (if offered), view the hotel’s room directory, view nearby restaurants and businesses, see any events that may be happening at the hotel or locally and even set an alarm.

Q. How do I order services?
A. From the home screen, tap the “Services” icon. On the screen that opens, select the icon of the service you would like such as “Towels”, select when you would like the service delivered and tap “Submit”.

Q. How do I order room service? (If offered)
A. From the home screen, tap the “Dining” icon. On the screen that opens, select the menu you would like to order from and add your selections to your cart. When complete, select the cart icon, verify your order and select submit

Q. How do I schedule a service or room service?
A. When you order services there are time selectors available to select when you would like to have the service delivered. Select the time by swiping the time selector left/right and tap “Submit” to schedule your service.

Q. Is there an alarm on the tablet?
A. Yes, tap the “Alarm” icon and set you desired alarm

Q. Can I browse the Internet or check email on the tablet?
A. Yes you may, when you check out all your information will be deleted from the tablet.

Q. Is there an App Store? Can I install my own apps?
A. Not at this time, the tablet is for hotel use only, however there are many apps pre-installed on the tablet for your convenience such as Netflix, New York Times, Spotify and more.

Q. Can I print my boarding pass from the tablet?
A. Not at this time

Q. Is there a camera on the tablet?
A. The camera is disabled and cannot be used by either guests or the hotel.

Q. Can I use the tablet outside of my room?
A. We recommend leaving the table in the room in the charging cradle when not in use. If it’s removed from the hotel the tablet will no longer function.

Q. The tablet isn’t working, what do I do?
A. Please contact the front desk for assistance.

Q. The tablet is visibly broken, what do I do?
A. Please contact the front desk for assistance.

Q. What is the privacy policy?
A. All hotel privacy policies apply. Please see the hotel’s website for details